Wednesday October 18th, 2023- Heart Failure Summit

12:00-1:00 PM Registration and ExhibitsHibiscus Foyer
1:00-1:10 PMAloha and Introductory RemarksRichard Wright, MD
1:10-1:30 PMDiastology and HFpEF: Concepts & TreatmentsAnna Mizzell, MD
1:30-1:50 PMHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Harnessing the SarcomereJames Mudd, MD
1:50-2:10 PMAmyloidosis: The Best is Yet to ComeDip Banerjee, MD
2:10-2:30 PMCardiogenic Shock, Shock Teams, and ECMOJohn Mignone, MD
2:30-2:50 PMClass IV CHF: Is There a Pathway to Recovery?Brian Jaski, MD
2:50-3:20 PMBreak and ExhibitsHibiscus Room
3:20-3:40 PMExercise and Cardiac Rehabilitation in CHFJacob Kelly, MD
3:40-4:00 PMCardio-Genetics, Genomics, and Protemics: Are We There Yet?Carol Ko, MS
4:00-4:20 PMThe New Iron Age: Iron and the HeartRichard Wright, MD
4:20-4:40 PMMental Health and Dys-health in Heart FailureAnthony Hilliard, MD
4:40-5:15 PM Faculty Panel Discussion and CasesModerator: Richard Wright
Panel: Heart Failure Summit Faculty

Thursday October 19th, 2023- Interventional & Structural Summit

7:00-7:30 AMBreakfast and ExhibitsHibiscus Room
7:30-7:40 AMWelcome and AnnouncementsJohn Gordon, MD
7:40-8:10 AMCTO Debate: Coronary CTO’s:
Open Arteries are Better Than Close,
Why is That so Difficult to Understand?
If it’s 100% Occluded… it Can’t Get Any Worse!
Leave that CTO Alone!
Ramy Badawi, MD Mitul Patel, MD
8:10-8:30AMRevascularization to Prevent Amputation: How Does the BEST-CLI Trial Affect My Algorithm?Peter Schneider, MD
8:30-8:50 AMPCI Outcomes in Female Patients: Are We Missing the Mark?Sanah Christopher, MD
8:50-9:10 AMUpdate on SCAD: Diagnosis and ManagementJaqueline Saw, MD
9:10-9:40 AMBreak and ExhibitsHibiscus Room
9:40-10:00 AMAdult Congenital Heart Disease:
What Every Cardiologist Should
Know About Intracardiac Shunts
Laith Alshawabkeh, MD
10:00-10:30 AMTAVR vs. SAVR: What Have We Learned?Robert Adamson, MD Jared Oyama, MD
10:30-10:50 AM The Future for Reimbursement in Interventional Cardiology: Can Bundled Care Be in the “Cards?”Ralph Brindis, MD
10:50-11:25 AM Faculty Panel Discussion and CasesModerator: John Gordon
Panel: Interventional & Structural Summit Faculty
1:00-4:30 PM Interventional & Structural Workshop:
Kawasaki aneurysms, CTO’s, High Risk Issues,
Complications (Non-CME)
Orchid Room

Friday October 20th, 2023- Electrophysiology

7:00-7:30 AMBreakfast and ExhibitsHibiscus Room
7:30-7:40 AMWelcome and Announcements John Gordon, MD
7:40-8:10 AM Debate: LAAO Amulet vs. Watchman for Stroke Prophylaxis in Atrial Fibrillation Jacqueline Saw, MD
Shephal Doshi, MD
8:10-8:30 AMCardiac Imaging for the Management of VT in Nonsichemic CardiomyopathyDavid Krummen, MD
8:30-8:50 AMSudden Cardiac Death in Structurally Normal Hearts… What Do We Really Know?Christine Albert, MD
8:50-9:10 AMThe Latest From Europe: ESC 2023Dipti Itchaporia, MD
9:10-9:40 AMBreak and ExhibitsHibiscus Room
9:40-10:00 AMFuture of Leads(less) Pacing: Brady, Tachy, and BeyondRahul Doshi, MD
10:00-10:20 AMCardio-neural Ablation to Treat DysautonomiaRahul Doshi, MD
10:20-10:40 AMPulse Field Ablation for Treatment of AF: Will it Replace RF Ablation and Cryoablation?Charles Athill, MD
10:40-11:15 AMAtrial Fibrillation Management Jeopardy…A Panel Based DiscussionModerator: Shephal Doshi
Electrophysiology Summit Faculty
1:30-4:30 PMElectrophysiology Workshop (Non-CME)Orchid Room

Saturday October 21st, 2023- Metabolic, Imaging, and Lipid Summit

7:00-7:30 AMBreakfast and ExhibitsHibiscus Room
7:30-7:40 AMWelcome and AnnouncementsRichard Wright, MD
7:40-8:00 AM Cardiac CT and CT Flow-Ready for Prime TimeMatthew Budoff, MD
8:00-8:20 AMLipoprotein (a): No Longer LittleDevin Kehl, MD
8:20-8:40 AMBreast Calcification and AtherosclerosisLori Daniels, MD
8:40-9:00 AMThe Sweethearts of Cardio-Diabetology DrugsKristen Kulasa, MD
9:00-9:30 AMBreak and ExhibitsHibiscus Room
9:30-9:50 AMPoint of Care Ultrasound- No Longer Hocus-POCUSChristian Schaeffler, MD
9:50-10:10 AMVoice Recognition in Cardiology: A New FrontierRichard Wright, MD
10:10-10:30 AMWearable vs. Implantable Cardiac DevicesRigved Tadwalkar, MD
10:30-10:50 AMCV Care in Women: Emerging Risk FactorsDipti Itchaporia, MD
10:50-11:10 AMKawasaki Disease- The Enigma RemainsJane Burns, MD
11:10-11:45 PMFaculty Panel Discussion and Intriguing CasesModerator: Richard Wright
Panel: Metabolic, Imaging, and Lipid Summit Faculty
11:50-12:00 PMClosing RemarksRichard Wright, MD John Gordon, MD